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Psychotherapy and life coaching for mind and SPIRIT

Mental and emotional wellness because a healthy mind leads to happier and healthier life.

Did you know…?

Your mental health can affect your physical health. Researches have shown that mentally ill people has 20 %shorter lifespan.

Did you know…?

That the most common mental disorder are alcohol or substance abuse, anxiety and depression and that most of those who feel they have suffered from them never go see a doctor.

Why us?

- Our Mental health program includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

- We provide an individualized care, support and therapy for Individuals and family.

- We help improve everyday life.

- We help you master your life, deal with everyday stress, and achieve your personal, career and business goals.

Services offered:

- Psychotherapy

·       Depression management

·       Anger management

·       Anxiety management

·       Family and couple therapy

·       Behavior problem management

·       Gender issues therapy

·       Dealing with disease

·       Post-traumatic stress disorder therapy

·       Eating and sleeping disorder management

·       Addiction management

- Life coaching

·       Self-esteem issues management

·       Dealing with every day stressors

·       Life cycles transition

·       Self-improvement

·       Image consultancy

·       Goals selection

·       Establish work/life balance

·       Identify your values and strength

·       Create a vision for your life

·       Time management

What differentiate us?

Our primary goal is to make you feel better because living more positively and having higher levels of life satisfaction leads to a healthier life.

·       Convenient location with parking free spaces.

·       Early morning and late evening hours to fit your schedule.

·       Vibrant and modern clinics.

·       Welcoming and supportive environment.

·       Relaxing environment, no external stressors.

·       We have collaboration with health care provider to assist you more.

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