S-Clinics is a polyclinic dedicated to heal using a wholesome approach.

Health, beauty and well-being are the three ultimate keys to reach happiness and in S-clinic healthcare providers work in collaboration to help each client reach this ultimate goal.

We cover all aspects of wellness: Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and financial in order to facilitate to individuals the access in one place to all the services: medical services, beauty services, social services, nutrition services, financial advisory services and other well-being services, to help them reach perfect harmony to live a life to heal.

It is crucial to live a higher quality of life. Because everything we do, every emotion we feel, the way we see ourselves and every action we take directly relate to our well-being and in return our well-being directly affects our actions, looks, emotions and health. It is an ongoing circle. Therefore, to achieve the optimal wellness a person needs to prevent disease, reduce illness, eliminate stress, boost morale, improve his physical appearance and his social life.

What we provide:

  • Long-term relation with our patients.
  • Continuous follow up.
  • Prevention, disease screening and treatment.
  • Specific wellness plan tailored to fit you and your life style.
  • Adequate healthcare services.
  • Better, safer, and affordable care.
  • Patient-centered quality of care to meet all expectations.
  •  A team of medical expert.
  • Team work to provide the ideal balance.
  • Health education and awareness